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Shirin Nabati was born February 2, 1992 in Bukan , Iran. A Kurdish city with its own limitations.Strange but believable, while her peers were spending time with dolls in the alleys, she was in school in mornings and spent her leisure time studying makeup, testing a variety of materials on different faces, and experimenting .

Shirin Nabati


From the age of 10 to 18, she worked part-time in various Salons gaining experience. Finally, at the age of 18, after completing his primary education, she decided to manage her own business and set up her first salon.


Changing the conditions of Iran from economic, cultural and other aspects in the year 2018 and her personal events of his life led him to emigrate to Iraq, Kurdistan Region. “Golden Claw” is a nickname given to her because of her great skill in makeup and glam She is currently in contact with most of the famous actors, singers and characters and does their makeup.

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“Every person’s makeup should be different from someone else’s, just like DNA, because makeup is a tool to show beauty and each person has their own beauty.” she said.

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