Mohammad Babaei

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Mohammad Babaei started playing the piano and learning it as a child, and after mastering this instrument, he studied music academically at the Tehran Conservatory and learned the guitar instrument as a second instrument in the presence of Farzad Daneshmand and Tafqadi and Firooz Visanloo.
Mohammad Babaei

 He took specialized singing and sound-making classes in the presence of masters such as Mohammad Nouri, Rashid Watan Doost, Master Qareh Baghi, Master Zolghadr and Mrs.

Composing and singing, there are several TV captions in his artistic career, which in the video section, are transient to some of these performances on various television and radio networks.


Mohammad Babaei released his first official album in 2013 called "tab".
Entered by the official market of the country by Iran Gam Company, composed by Mohsen Yeganeh, Mohammad Alizadeh, Milad Torabi, Alireza Asgaran